The Fiji Collection

The Fiji Collection

This stunning romantic, scripted font is the perfect complement to the beautifully subtle ombre graduated tone that forms the base of this luxury wedding stationery. And it’s thanks to the design’s subtle shading that you’ll be able to match exactly with your colour theme – you have an extensive choice of colours, 35 colours in fact, so we know you’ll be able to find the perfect fit.

Choosing your words carefully

It’s time to creatively – or traditionally – depending on your approach, craft those wedding invitation words. Remember to include all of the details that the guests will need to know, like arrival times, car parking and maps, and if you are having on the day stationery, we’d suggest checking and double checking again the names on table plans and the dishes on menus – both need some good attention to detail to avoid any slip-ups. If you’re in doubt, rope in a friend or two to proof read your words of wisdom.

Do you need to say thank you?

If you’re not careful the need for thank you wedding stationery can so easily slip your mind in all of the excitement and the absolutely fabulous time that you will have on your wedding day, but don’t worry! You can order some thank you cards to match at the same time as your invites and on the day stationery and they’ll be waiting for you when you return from honeymoon so you’ll look super smooth to all of your guests.

Looking for advice?

Now it’s time to order the wedding stationery of your dreams, however, if you have any doubts, you are having trouble making any decisions or if you want to use us as a sounding board, just to make sure, just get in touch. We’ve done this quite a few times before over the last decade or so and we’d be delighted to guide you through the process if you’d like us to.

Deciding on your seals

Why not try all of the different seals that we have to offer and see how you feel they look against your wedding stationery? We suggest you try traditional bands to wrap around your invites, ribbon in a matching shade, tying some twine and centrally placing a specially designed circular sticker.

Selecting your invitations and on the day stationery

All of our wedding stationery is printed on luxury 300gsm board, supplied with 120gsm thick deep wallet envelopes in a co-ordinating colour. Each design is available in a variety of layout and colour combinations to suit both your preference and your budget.

Our Fiji collection is a superb choice and the next step is to decide on whether you are going to have a flat or printed pocket fold invitation, the latter has space for several extra information sheets, should you need to share the details with your guests. You could chose a combination of both type of invitation, depending on if the guest was attending your ceremony or reception. Then consider if you need on the day stationery, like table plans or menus.

Not sure what you need?

You may have an exact colour in mind or you may want to browse our excellent mix of 35 colours in the palate and take palate samples to compare to your colour scheme. The added bonus with this collection is that the amazingly subtle graduated shading enables you to have a full range of shades of your chosen colour, so whatever the shade in your wedding theme, it’ll match!